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Indian Birds

Grey Jungle Fowl
Latin Name : Gallus sonneratii (Temminck)
Local Name : Jungle Murgi (Hindi)/ Adavi Kodi (Telugu)
Grey Jungle FowlAlso known as the Sonnerat’s jungle fowl, the grey jungle fowl resembles a village hen in size. It happens to be a wild relative of the domestic fowl found in India. Cocks can be easily recognised by their black sickle shaped tail. Hens have white breasts and their feathers have blackish borders. The cry of a cock is referred to as crow (loud calls of ku-kayak-kyuk-kyuk). The cries of a cock can be heard both a dawn and dusk.

A grey jungle fowl prefers to live in scrubland, deciduous forests, evergreen forests, plains and hills. Being a very shy bird by nature, it likes to hide in bushes. The nesting season of this bird extends from February to May. It lays 4-7 eggs at a time; the colour of these eggs is same as those of a domestic fowl.

The Great Indian Bustard
Latin Name : Ardeotis nigriceps
Local Name : Batta meka (Telugu)
Great Indian BustardThe Bird Life International has declared this bird threatened in India. This large brown and white bird inhabits plain grassland in rural surroundings. This bird species is confined to Indian states including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. A total of 22 species of bustards are found in the world.

The current total count of the Great Indian bustard is around 1,000. Loss of habitat is the main reason for this decline of population. An adult male measures 122 cm in height whereas the females are 15-20 cm smaller. The weight of an adult male comes around 14.5 kg. This bird species feeds on grains, insects, small lizards and snakes.

The White-breasted Kingfisher
Latin Name : Halcyon smyrnensis (Linnaeus)
Local Name : Kilkila, Kourilla (Hindi)/ Lakumukhi Pitta (Telugu)
White Breasted KingfisherThe white-breasted or white-throated kingfisher is a land bird found in countries like Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malayan peninsula and southern parts of China. This bird measures 28 cm in length, a bit smaller than myna. The bird is also characterised by its rapid and direct flight.

The upper plumage of a white-breasted kingfisher is bright blue. Its head, neck and lower belly are deep chestnut brown whereas the throat and the breast are white. The bird eats upon grasshoppers, tadpoles, frogs and lizards. Occasionally, a white-breasted kingfisher can be seen taking a plunge into water to feed on fish and crabs. Its breeding season falls between March and July. Its eggs (4-7 in number) are spherical and china-white in colour.

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