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Jungle Birds

Paradise Flycatcher
Latin Name : Terpsiphone paradisi (Linnaeus)
Local Name : Shaw Bulbul (Hindi)
Indian Paradise FlycatcherWatching a paradise flycatcher fly in the air with its tail ribbon trailing behind is truly a wonderful experience. Found throughout India, this bird has the size of a bulbul. It lives in light deciduous forests, shady grooves and gardens. This bird species is both migratory and residents. The non-migrants inhabit southern India and Sri Lanka.

The paradise flycatchers can be seen single as well as in pairs. The adult male is characterised by its silvery white colour with metallic black crested head. It has two long ribbon-like feathers in its tail. In case of female, the upper plumage is of chestnut colour while the lower is greyish white in colour. This bird species lives chiefly on flies and insects. February to July is the nesting time for the bird. The paradise flycatcher lays 3-5 eggs at a time; the eggs are creamy pink and have reddish brown pattern of dots on them.
The White Ibis
Latin Name : Threskiornis aethiopica (Latham)
Local Name : The white ibis
Indina White IbisWhite ibises are well distributed throughout India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. This resident bird happens to be a brilliant example of the colonial water-bird. It nests in huge colonies in fresh water marshes and along the ocean coasts. The ibises have a big family; the total count of species is 33 including the white ibis.

An adult white ibis is much the size of a village hen. It measures 75 cm in length. The physical features of both the sexes are alike; white plumage, black wing tips, bare face and red bill. Their naked head and neck are bluish black in colour. The long curved bill of the bird helps it probe into the soft mud. The bird wades about in water in search of crustaceans, fish, frogs, molluscs and other aquatic insects. The breeding season of a white ibis extends from June to August. The bird lays 2 to 4 eggs that are pale blue-green to white in colour.
Black Drongo
Latin Name : Dicrurus adsimilis
Local Name : Pasala Poligadu (Telugu)
Indian Black DrongoThe black drongo is a common resident bird which is bigger than a sparrow. Very aggressive and fearless, the drongos are passerines with short legs and deeply forked tail. An adult drongo measures 28 cm in length. This bird is slim and nimble and can attack even larger species if threatened. Black drongos are native to places like India, Iran, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia. Open forests and lightly wooded regions are the chief habitats of this bird species. The bird lays 3-4 eggs at a time in a cup shaped nest, built of fine twigs on a large tree.

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