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Wildlife Tour of Indian Leopard

Leopard IndiaIndian Leopard is one of the most exclusive and successful members of Indian big cats. It is widely known for its unique skills of climbing over the trees, jumping and secretive habits. Long and well-muscled body, powerful limbs, and broad paws, this Wildlife Tour of Indian Leopard embodies all great skills from big cats and smaller cats. In comparison to lion and other bigs cats, Leopard are very adaptable with all circumstances and that is why, they are present in large numbers in India and other counties.

Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Class : Mammalia
Family : Felidae
Species : P. pardus
Phylum : Chordata
Order : Carnivora
Genus : Panthera
Subspecies : P. P. fusca
Latin Name : Panthera Pardus (Linnaeus)
Local Names : Tendwa & Chita (Hindi), Karda & Bibalya wagh (Marati), Chirate & Siwamgi (Kannada), Chirutai (Tamil), Puli Poolee (Malayalam)
Physical Traits
Wildlife Tour of Indian LeopardThe size and other physical characteristics of leopard depend on where they live. Generally, male leopard weighs about 60 kg and stands 65 cm at the shoulder while female one are weighing approximately 40 kg and measure 50 cm at the shoulder. The main color of its skin varies from golden to pale tawny yellow and there are black spots on legs, flanks, head and rosettes in circular groups in the rest of body. Some time, there appears a solid black necklace of a series of spots. Fur of the leopard also varies according location. Unlike other big cats, leopard is skilled climbers upon the trees.

Habitat & Diet
Leaving the interior of desert, Wildlife Tour of Indian Leopard has high capability to adopt any type of habitat where it get sufficient food and covers. It is abundantly found throughout the subcontinent, including in the border nations of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and southern China. Wildlife Tour of Indian Leopard is a very clever animal. It has a very wide range of diet. It includes wildebeest, impalas, reed-bucks, Thomson's gazelles, jackals, baboons, and storks. But, in time, it can even hunt dog and canines.
Spotting the Leopard
This electrifying animal does not stay long time before the sight of the people. It will take covers as you will appear to it. They are present in large numbers in Indian wildlife sanctuaries where a trained guide will help you spotting it. Some famous sanctuaries where leopard are frequently seen include :
Leopard in India

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